Translation and consulting services for music and media

Striking the right tone in more than one language.

Need to get your point across in English, German or French?

I am a qualified and sworn translator for German and English and a seasoned proof-reader and work with clients in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

As a translator, I help my clients with translation of outward facing documentation, whether in the form of websites, blogs, member communications or video subtitles. I also cater for their legal and financial documentation and provide them with translations of their statutes, annual reports and tariffs.

In some situations, I accompany my clients as an interpreter to ensure that literally nothing gets lots in translation.

If you need help with translating a language I do not speak, I will help you find the expert that does through my vast network.

A specialist industry needs an industry specialist

Confused by copyright and neighbouring rights?

You don’t need to be if you let me help you with my 25+ years experience working for collective management organisations, publishers, labels and other music industry companies.

As a consultant, I provide support with:

  • strategic analysis
  • international business development
  • metadata analysis
  • royalty workflow enhancement
  • monitoring and quality control improvement

If you need know-how in a specific field where I do not have the experience, I will help you find the expert that does through my vast network.

At a glance:

Over 25 years’ music biz experience

Specialist translator and interpreter

Expert advice on music rights

Ongoing customer support

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Tailored expert advice and support

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Why me?

  1. Top language skills and subject knowledge
  1. Substantial music industry experience
  1. Extensive network of industry professionals
  1. Personal, collaborative approach