Sabine Jones

Unbeatable industry knowledge, top-notch language skills and a strong international background

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An authority on the music industry

With over 20 years’ experience as a music industry executive, I know just about all there is to know about rights management, data tracking and royalty flows. I frequently get positive feedback from my clients who enjoy being able to get to the point without lengthy explanations or hours of background research. In addition, my clients benefit from my vast network of industry contacts.

A language specialist

Less is more, as they say. Bilingual in German and English, I focus on just three languages, with French making up the trio, to ensure the highest quality standards. Why work with a faceless, generalist agency when what you really need is an industry insider and a single point of contact?

An expert mediator

When you can’t make the other side of the table see your point of view, you need a neutral party to help you meet in the middle. Many years of corporate management and translating between different cultures have helped me see both sides of the story and resolve complex situations to find a solution that works for everyone.

An international outlook

Having lived in Germany, Switzerland and now the UK, I have wide-ranging experience of the corporate music and media industries from a number of angles. But that’s not all. Experiencing everyday life in other countries means gaining an understanding of the mindsets and motivations of different target audiences and the ability to collect tailored country intel for my clients.

Specialist areas:

At a glance:

  • International revenue collection & distribution
  • Staff management / HR / T&D
  • Commercial contract negotiation
  • International relations
  • Financial management and control
  • Compilation and translation of competitor data / market analysis
  • Liaising with boards, committees and domestic partners
  • Company restructuring and recruitment
  • Researching airplay and digital download data


  • BA English/French (Translator) – SDI München, 1992 / 1999 – sworn translator (Munich County Court) 2000
  • Executive MBA for the Music and Creative Industries – Henley Business School, 2015-2017

Professional memberships

  • Association of Project Management
  • DDEX

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