Tailored advice, mediation and an extensive industry network

Want a second opinion on your business strategy from an industry insider? Want country intel tailored to your needs? Need a neutral party to get your point across?

I’m here to help.

More than 20 years of industry experience at your fingertips

I provide support to artists, labels, rights organisations and more – before, during and after their projects.

My consulting services include:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Collective management organisations
  • Digital music services
  • Music usage tracking / revenue maximisation
  • International relations/mediation
  • Data migration
  • Change and project management
  • Ongoing advice and support

Specialist areas:

Copyright and related rights

Royalty collection

Data migration

Music usage monitoring/tracking

Artist deals

Record labels

Collective management organisations

Digital music services

Music publishing

Why me?

  1. Top-notch language skills and subject knowledge
  1. Substantial industry experience
  1. Extensive network of industry professionals
  1. Personal, collaborative approach

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